We make human-centred films that drive insights and connect to audiences.
We teach better storytelling.

We are the Office for Narrative Architectures.

Core Methods

Human Centred

Everything we do is built around trying to communicate from and to the human. Our experience of diverse clients and conversations means that you can trust us to collaborate with you to deliver audience and brand-appropriate narratives.

First we listen, then we speak.


Comfort and Care

Sometimes people have to do things that make them uncomfortable. Some people have years of polished media training and other people are nervous, and we get it. We will come and meet you where you are, and we will work together for as long as it takes for you to be happy and for us to have what your story needs. We prefer natural performances and have lots of tips and tricks to get you there.

But, we will always work within your limits, even if that means stepping away.



We regularly work with organisations at the edge of innovation, so a lot of what we do is bound by strict confidentiality. We also work across brands competing in the same space, and so discretion is absolutely key. We'll open a discussion if we think that something isn't quite right for you, because we really care about work being as good as it can be.

We have been everywhere from conflict zones to government buildings, and worked with refugees, NGOs, CEOs, and heads of state.


Building Motivation

As organisations grow or shift focus it's important to bring team members along with you, and allow space for reflection and conversation. We will help you tell concise stories so people can follow the journey, understand change, and want to be a part of it.

We will meet users together, watch how innovation affects them, and stay excited about the future you're building.


Mediation and
Narrative Design

Storytelling is a powerful tool for communicating brands and ideas to people. It's also a really powerful tool for listening and critically analysing where organisations are, and how they can do better.

We believe any form of spatial, social, digital or material design can learn from storytelling. We regularly teach design and mediation narratives in universities, and work with small groups on conflict mediation.


Case Studies

For three years we have worked inside design teams at ustwo, helping connect designers to users to help push towards the digital transformation of global brands. Our advanced interview skills move sets of questions that designers have into rich and transformative conversations, that get to the core of why design matters. These stories then support decks, and circulate in the client organisations, bringing everyone along on the design journey.

We were commissioned to make some fundraising videos for this innovative children's hospital. Having met them on another project, they appreciated the gentleness of our approach around fraught medical teams, worried parents, and sick children. We love this hospital and the wonderful people who work there. There was lots of laughter, and (happy!) tears, during the shoots. The good news is that all fundraising goals were reached, and they got to buy some amazing equipment!

For the Toronto International Film Festival's 40th birthday we were invited to spend a month in residence in the Archives and create a different cinema reel for each day of the festival. We sifted through hundreds of hours of interviews, photographs and premieres to create thoughtful celebrations of the amazing worlds that cinema can show us.

We followed an innovative All-Party Parliamentary Group researching food banks and food poverty in the London borough. We supported and recorded the interviews of users, staff, and private sector bodies, and prepared a short film that was screened in the House of Commons. We believe strongly in putting real faces or voices behind reports, and ensuring safeguarding and dignity in production.

We work with global brands, technologists, governance, charities, artists, and architects
to promote, showcase, persuade and explore.

We are filmmakers but we are also critical thinkers.
We are educators, mentors, and mediators.

We are interested in asking questions about
who we are
and who we want to be.